Jumat, 29 Februari 2008

Polling result, the activities during the vacation

From the polling which was held during the last vacation in December until January 2008, was gotten the result ,as follows :
During the vacation, I :
  • Stay at home = 0 vote = 0 %
  • Go traveling = 3 votes = 33 %
  • Work = 5 votes = 55 %
  • Take a course = 1 vote = 11 %

That’s the realities….
Thank for the participants

The preparation of the National Student Competitions

A few of furniture technique teachers are doing the selection for some furniture technique students to be sponsored in the prestige national event in the competition of Joinery.
During a few days , the students are following step by step the material selection from 8 students , then the school will choose 2 the best as the best candidates in the preparation of national competition 2008.
The instructor who are doing the selecting process is Mr . Muh.Khumaidi, S.Pd and Mr. Tibyani, S.Pd. The selection is almost 2 weeks so during the vacation the teachers and the students can ‘t have the vacation . In addition , the process starts from 8.00 am up to 5.00 pm everyday for 2 weeks.

Quantum Teaching

Tomorrow, ( Friday – Saturday : 11 – 12 January 2008 ) SMK N 2 Kendal will hold IHT ( In House Training ) Quantum Teaching , the participations are from SMK N 2 Kendal teachers. The place is in the hall of SMK N 2 Kendal with the speaker is DR. Masduki and Drs. Sri Yuniasih , the teacher of SMA 2 Kendal.
The target of the activity is to give the information and knowledge for the SMK N 2 teachers in doing their professions, that is a teacher.
Good luck for the implementation and the next result. Amin…

Kamis, 14 Februari 2008

account manager IGI-SMK 2 Kendal

The Account manager of IGI-SMK 2 Kendal is Mr. Budi Kusworo, S.Pd